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In Love with Craziness / Forelska i Galskap(21 mins)

(Norwegian language / English sub-titles)

A young man’s struggle with ADHD; his portal to drug use, experiences a metamorphic coming of age through the creative energy of rap music.

"Why do I judge myself, when the whole world is already doing it?" was the line in "#Speil" (“Mirror”), a song performed by norwegian rap artist Michael Kildal, which went straight to the heart of child psychiatrist Melanie Ekholdt. Fascinated by his artistic expression and energy, she invited him to a series of candid filmed conversations between the two. The short documenatry film "In Love with Craziness" is based on these conversations, incorporating Kildal's music videos and personal photo albums.

Kildal’s story provides us with a personal insight into how the ADHD diagnosis can affect a young person's life and how it’s experienced first hand. We explore how a young man, through his art and music, transforms his personal suffering and struggles with the system into new possibilities and hope. In the style of an intimate audio-visual diary, we join him on his turbulent youth-journey and are reminded of the importance of simply listening to these young people. The ability to transform resides in every human and we are all in continuous motion, even after adolescence.

DIRECTOR/CO-PRODUCER: Melanie Ekholdt Hyunh PRODUCER: Karina AstrupEDITOR: Sahil Singh




“Breaking Stigma Award” - Mental Filmness 2020
“Award of Recognition: Contemporary issues and awareness raising” - Impact Doc Awards 2021
“Best Documentary Story in a Short Film” - Overcome Film Festival 2021
“Jury Special Award” - Courage Film Festival 2021
“Best Short Music Documentary” - TAKT Film Festival 2021 (Third place winner)

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"'In Love With Craziness' breaks stigma about the psychiatrist-patient relationship and psychiatric medication. It shows that psychiatrists have just as much to learn from their patients by listening and evaluating them in whole, and that prescription medication is not always a cure-all, and can work in tandem with other addictive drugs. In these ways, it breaks down the stigma of psychiatry and prescription medication.”
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