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House of Gary is an independent documentary production company operating out of both Australia and Norway.  As filmmakers, we are interested in human stories that inspire and inform, from all corners of the globe and all walks of life.

House of Gary works with a variety of highly skilled freelance professionals, fostering strong alliances and lasting working relationships.


Karina AstrupPRODUCER: Karina Astrup is the senior producer of House of Gary and has always had a strong interest in exploring personal journeys that incorporate cultural art forms. Her debut film '6ft Hick: notes from the underground', about a Brisbane indie punk band, was financed and broadcast through ABC TV, Screen Australia and Screen QLD, premiering at the Brisbane International Film Festival, NXNE in Toronto and winning the Noisy Cats - Best Music Documentary Award

Working with Director Penny Vozniak, Despite the Gods, about renowned horror director Jennifer Lynch and was her second independent feature documentary. This film travelled the world, premiering at Hot Docs, Chicago, Fantasia, Sydney, Stockholm and Sitges, eventually travelling to over 40 Festivals around the world; winning 'Best Documentary', 'Best Director' and 'Best Comedy' Awards. 

Teaming up with Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess, the production of ‘Morgana’, a bio doc about the dramatic reinvention of Morgana Muses from unhappy rural Australian housewife, to becoming a world renowned erotic feminist film auteur, is her fourth documentary feature.

Forelska i Galskap/In Love with Craziness’ is one of two Norwegian short documentaries she is working on, both having a strong interest in sharing emotionally engaging life journey’s through music and illustration, for the purpose of community education and increased awareness.

2020 will see her developing a mid length documentary 'The Hunt', following two archaeologist friends teaming up to explore a remote ancient Viking reindeer hunting site in the highland mountains of Norway.  She has also teamed up with Australian Director Tahnee McGuire, for the script development of feature drama 'Desert Star', based on the lives and relationship of renowned Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike and English prison psychologist Pat Lowe, set in the remote region of Western Australia.


DIRECTOR - MORGANA: Isabel Peppard is a multi award winning director, animator and visual artist. Isabel’s short animation ‘Butterflies’(voiced by Rachael Griffiths), screened at over 50 international festivals including MIFF, Sitges and Annecy. It was also broadcast by SBS Television and nominated for an AACTA Award.

She also received The Directors Acclaim fund from Screen Australia, allowing her to undertake a writing/directing mentorship in LA with horror director Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena, Chained, The Walking Dead), and her feature horror script Silk, won a project award at Asia’s biggest genre market in South Korea, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Isabel is currently showing her sculptures at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne and working on a new script development.


DIRECTOR - MORGANA: Josie Hess is an award-winning filmmaker based in Melbourne. She has a Bachelor in Film & Television and a B.A in History and Cinema Studies.  Her graduate film 'Sunroom', premiered at New York’s Blue Stocking Festival.

She has worked extensively in film marketing as a social media manager, and both shoots and edits indie erotica for various studios in Australia including Permission4Pleasure.  Her work has been screened all over the world and received numerous awards, including Best Fetish Film at the 2017 Toronto Porn Awards. 

She has also just finished producing The Grave of Saint Oran, an animation based on a poem by Neil Gaiman, premiering at the 2019 Sydney and Melbourne International Film Festivals.


DIRECTOR - IN LOVE WITH CRAZINESS: Melanie Ekholdt is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, with a strong interest in using film, art and culture for emotionally engaged participation and professional discourse, which includes young people as part of the conversation. After producing some successful youtube clips and interviews, she was excited by the possibilities that opened up to her through the use of multi-media and digital storytelling in teaching and sharing with parents, colleagues and the wider community.

'Forelska i Galskap/In Love with Craziness' will be her first documentary production in collaboration with House of Gary. Through this short documentary, which will accompany a book she is currently co-writing with the films subject Michael Kildal, she is wanting to contribute to a global conversation around how society can better understand the different expressions of boys and young men, and how the arts can be a powerful therapeutic tool.


DIRECTOR - THREE SECRETS: Mette Strømsted is a director, writer and artist, and 'Three Secrets' will be her first short film production. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Australia and four years studying at the classical art school 'Kristiania FriAkademi' in Oslo, she has a high level of drawing/illustration skills. This talent lends itself perfectly to the medium of digital story telling. With a lifelong passion for poetry and a love of intimate human stories, she is able to bring to screen deeply personal and emotive experiences.

Born with a hereditary severe hearing impairment, she has been using hearing aids full time since she was 6 years old and her debut documentary will share that life story. Set to a visually arresting, beautiful set of hand drawn self portraits, alongside of poetic descriptions of her early memories discovering sound and hearing aids, ’Three Secrets’ is set to be something very special and relevant to both the hearing and non-hearing communities.


DIRECTOR - THE HUNT: Nils Astrup Nils Astrup has a varied background in storytelling, stretching from interactive presentations of marine archaeological exhibitions, to corporate marketing, to e-learning. For the past two decades, he has worked as a digital creator and marketing manager, honing his skills on digital platforms and how to communicate most effectively in these spaces. Nils has now come full circle to his first love and professional beginnings; the historical physical remains of our human past - Archaeology.

With a degree in nordic archaeology and a background as a scuba instructor, Nils' extensive field experience has been in both underwater and land archaeology, within Scandinavia. Combining his enormous passion for storytelling, with his in-depth digital knowledge, gives him a unique opportunity to bring to life our past in a modern and engaging manner, using all the tools he has developed over the course of his life, as a marketing manager, author and archaeologist.


DIRECTOR - DESERT STAR: Tahnee McGuire Tahnee is a uniquely talented commercial’s and film director, with many of her drama and documentary work screening both nationally and internationally, winning numerous awards. She was chosen by HatchFest, USA as one of 10 best world-wide groundbreaking young filmmakers and has since delivered on that promise by growing into one of Queensland's senior production creatives.

Tahnee's strengths are her ability to bring memorable performances from actors and non actors, as well as a profound insight into the art of storytelling. She is currently writing the feature script for Desert Star.


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